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Beautiful Handmade Seasonal Wreaths For Sale
These wreaths are handmade by board member Jackie Barnette and available for sale at $10.00 each. There are 2 Autumn and 5 Christmas/holiday wreaths that can be placed on your pet's grave or taken home. They also make wonderful gifts! If you would like your wreath placed on decorating day, December 6, your order must be received by Thanksgiving. When ordering for your pet's grave, please indicate which wreath you would like and your pet's name.

Fall Wreath 1

Fall Wreath 2

Christmas Wreath 1

Christmas Wreath 2

Christmas Wreath 3

Fall Wreath 4

Christmas Wreath 5


We have updated the photo gallery with new photos.

Membership Opportunity

All those who have a pet buried at the cemetery, and even those who do not, are welcome to join the Friends.

The organization elects a Board of Directors each year to operate the cemetery and keep it well-maintained.

Members support the Board and help make decisions concerning grounds-keeping and other important issues. Both the Board and members meet on a regular basis.

You can become a member for a small annual donation, which will entitle you to regular newsletters and voting rights at the meetings.

Camaraderie & Community

Members and non-members alike can also participate in special events at the cemetery, such as decorating at holidays, and clean-up days that include camaraderie and refreshments.

Become a member and help keep our cemetery a special place!